SylviaSkinAtelier_WebThe following is a sample of some of our signature services extracted from our services menu. For our full range of skincare and beauty services, come on down to Sylvia Skin Atelier, have a chat with our Beauty Consultants, and we will be able to design and customise a solution that suits your needs.

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Hydration – Back to Basics
Moisture – the essence that gives life to great skin.  We consume water to hydrate ourselves internally, but external hydration on our skin is often overlooked and neglected.  Let your skin quench their thirst too with Back to Basics, with its rich concoction of essential oils, balms and Hydra Force mask.  Dewy, soft and supple skin? Checked.

Back to Basics | 90 mins | $250

Sensitive Skin – Full Defence
Most of us experience sensitive skin conditions at some point in our lives.  Environmental pollution, increased stress levels, hormonal changes and other factors add to its aggravation.  Full Defence is designed specifically for sensitive skin issues, comprising of a dermatologically-proven, high tolerance, comforting and soothing formula. Speak to our Beauty Consultants for a treatment that suits your existing sensitive skin condition.

 Full Defence | 75 mins | $220

Brightening – White Glorious
Although the sun is a vital source of energy, overexposure to the harmful effects of sun rays causes freckles, pigmentation, and darkening of skin tones.  Abrasive treatments like laser or chemical peel are aplenty, but they only provide a temporary effect of lightening.  Since we can’t avoid being exposed to the sun, we’ve designed White Glorious – a skin brightening treatment using white focus plant complex combined with highly-stable vitamin C to regulate the skin pigmentation process. Now, you can truly keep freckles and pigmentation at bay for much longer periods.

White Glorious | 90 mins | $250

Acne – So Pure
Life has many challenges, but acne shouldn’t be one of them. We know how it feels like: waking up every morning to check if the acne is still there, and it is. You lose confidence, shun away from the crowd, and isolate yourself. That’s the reason why we’ve developed So Pure – a series of facial treatments designed to specifically eradicate the problem of acne. Now, you can finally face the world with renewed confidence, and focus on the more important things in life.

So Pure | 75 mins | $220

Anti-Ageing – Fountain of Youth
Everyone ages over time, but don’t mistake that as being helpless against the effects of ageing. Slow down the effects of ageing on your skin with Fountain of Youth – a signature, anti-ageing treatment from Sylvia Skin Atelier designed to turn back the clock for your skin, complete with daily tips on how to maintain your skin in optimal peak condition.

Fountain of Youth | 100 mins | $300

For Men – Hail the King
Designed and customised for the contemporary New Age Man of today, Hail the King is a complete skin pampering session just for men. Once our Beauty Consultants removed those layers of impurities on your skin at the end of the session, you’d be surprised how your skin glows and radiates youthfulness.  Be sure to head over to Sylvia Skin Atelier before your next power meeting, prior to a black-tie gala dinner, or a special occasion with that special someone.

Hail the King | 60 mins | $280

Radio Frequency with Lymphatic Drainage
Say goodbye to the effects of gravity, and don’t let your skin head south again. Our new Radio Frequency with Lymphatic Drainage treatment helps your skin to tighten gradually, enabling you to enjoy taut and natural skin within a session. Coupled with our special lifting mask, the positive effects last much longer compared with other conventional treatments.

40 mins | $300

Slimming and Body Contouring
A signature treatment designed by Sylvia through years of experience, this combines the best treatments of Sylvia Skin Atelier with all the benefits of Yoga. Through the use of advanced Cryolipolysis technology with functional features in cavitation and Radio Frequency, as well as specially-tailored Yoga moves from our qualified Yoga Instructors, we bring you closer to attaining your ideal weight, and achieve the contours you’ve always wanted.

 By appointment only | from $300