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“Know Thy Skin” Challenge Workshop

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Sylvia Skin Atelier recently conducted a¬†“Know Thy Skin” Challenge Workshop on the 27th of September 2013 (yes, we know we are late in posting this). Participants were how to know the different common skin types, which skin type they belong to, along with the skin care treatments and products that are suitable for them.

Not only that, they were given hands-on instruction on how to apply the “barely-there” makeup, which accentuates key features of their faces without the unnecessary use of heavy makeup. Needless to say, all participants walked away with a deeper knowledge of their skin type, and were equipped with the know-how on essential skin care tips they can practice at home.

Keep a look out for our next skin care workshop. Meanwhile, check out some pictures from the event!


Cryolipolysis – the latest in fat reduction and slimming technology

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CryolipolysisWhat is Cryolipolysis?
One of the latest, non-invasive fat reduction and slimming technology in the market today, Cryolipolysis works by freezing the fat cells until they diminish in size and eventually destroyed. Sylvia Skin Atelier is proud to be one of the few certified treatment centres in Singapore to be offering this slimming service.

Does it work?
We say it definitely does, but obviously that statement wouldn’t carry as much weight as compared to a third party who has tried it and experienced the difference.

This is the reason why we’re sharing Deenise Glitz‘s experience with Cryolipolysis at Sylvia Skin Atelier with you. In it, Deenise went in-depth into the technology, terminology and more importantly, the visible difference she feels after just one month of¬†treatment!

While you are at her site, be sure to also check out her glowing review of our humble boutique. All we can say is, THANK YOU!

Beauty Atelier Workshop – 27 Sep 2013

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Beauty Atelier Workshop - Sep 2013

Join us this coming Friday, 27 September at 7pm, and pick up real beauty tips and tricks you can use at home, direct from Ms. Sylvia Yeo!

Get a free skin assessment, know your current skin type, plus learn how to do nude makeup to achieve that natural, resplendent look with minimal fuss! Plus, there’re attractive prizes worth over S$300 to be won! All these for a mere $20 fee, all of which are fully redeemable for any product and service from Sylvia Skin Atelier.

Now if that is not a deal, we don’t know what is.

As seats are severely limited, we recommend you lock in your seats as soon as possible. Call 6344 7333 to reserve yours today!