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Success Story: Tiffany Yong

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tiffany-yongAfter just a few treatments at Sylvia Skin Atelier, actress and blogger Tiffany Yong went from having problematic, acne-prone skin to one that has vastly improved in terms of skin texture, smoothness, and suppleness.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Go over to, and watch her document the process in its entirety. We’re glad to be able to solve her skin problems that have plagued her for years, through a combination of simple, effective, and natural treatments that worked.

You can choose to accept your skin condition as it is, or you can do something about it. Tiffany took the step. What about you?

50% off all facial treatments

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As part of the series of our pre-launch promotion, Sylvia Skin Atelier is offering a whopping 50% OFF all our facial treatments!

From skin hydration, brightening, sensitive skin conditions, acne treatment to anti-ageing skin rejuvenation, now is the best time to pamper your skin no matter what your skin condition is. What’s more, men get to enjoy the same 50% off from “Hail The King” – a complete skin pampering session designed just for men for that added glow and youthfulness.

In fact, this promotion is not limited to facial treatments. You will enjoy 50% off all services at Sylvia Skin Atelier, including Body Slimming Therapy and Body Contouring!

Do not miss this limited time offer! Please call 6344 733 for appointment and reserve your slot, or visit us here today! OFFER ENDS 30 SEPTEMBER 2013!


Carbon-Activated Skin Resurfacing | 黑脸娃娃

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Carbon-Activated-Skin-ResurfacingCarbon-Activated Skin Resurfacing – affectionately known as the “Black Doll / 黑脸娃娃” procedure in Taiwan, is a non-invasive and quick recovering procedure that rejuvenates the skin. This treatment received rave reviews by Taiwanese Celebrity Barbie Hsu (大S / 徐熙媛), and is highly recommended by the artiste herself. The good news is, this same treatment is now available at Sylvia Skin Atelier!

Not only does this treatment rejuvenates the skin, it can also aid in skin brightening. During the procedure, the skin will be covered with a layer of fine carbon activators, hence the term “Black Doll” treatment.

Through short, direct pulsating beams of light if wavelength 1320nm, Carbon-Activated Skin Resurfacing precisely removes unwanted, irregular, and damaged skin. It does this layer by layer, while revealing and healing the skin underneath.

While this procedure removes your outer-most layer of skin (epidermis), it simultaneously heats the underlying skin layer (dermis). This action stimulates the growth of new collagen fibres. As the treated area heals, the new skin formation results in smoother and firmer skin with fewer blemishes.


  • whitens and firms your skin
  • fades blemishes
  • improves skin tone and elasticity
  • shrinks pores
  • reduces fine wrinkles
  • reduces blackheads and acne
  • improves oil secretion


  • acne and blackhead-prone skin
  • excessive oil secretion
  • enlarged pores
  • coarse, loose, or discoloured skin
  • acne scars

This procedure is also suitable for you if you wish to have youthful, supple, and radiant skin. Sylvia Skin Atelier has the proper set-up and laser machine to do this procedure correctly, so beware of places who claim they can do this procedure for prices that are too low to be true or genuine.

Also, do note that this procedure may not be suitable if you have certain existing skin conditions. Come on down, and get your complimentary skin analysis done today!