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Welcome to Sylvia Skin Atelier

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Welcome-to-Sylvia-Skin-AtelierHello everyone. Welcome to Sylvia Skin Atelier.

After periods of constant travelling, dealing in the skincare and beauty industry in Singapore and around the region, and taking time in between all that for media appearances, as well as serving my clients on a freelance basis, I’ve finally decided to set-up base in eastern Singapore.

Sylvia Skin Atelier is a cumulation of the essence of the skincare and beauty industry I’ve gathered through the years. Through this, I hope to share the nuances of skin care on a more personal level, as well as to expand scope of services related to skincare, grooming and personal wellness.

For my existing clients, I’d like to thank you for your support through the years, and I hope that with the establishment of Sylvia Skin Atelier, I’ll be able to share, and do more, towards achieving your skincare and beauty objectives.

For all my future clients-to-be, do feel free to drop by, and see how we can serve your needs. We have a comprehensive range of specialised services to cater to a wide variety of needs, as well as the Accessories Bay – a cosy corner of hand-picked designer-labelled bags, pouches, and carriers. Even if nothing catches your fancy, we’d be happy if you just dropped by and said hi.

We will be having an official opening sometime in June, which I will confirm at a later date. Existing clients will be notified, and I will also be making the announcement on this blog. So, stay tuned!

Meantime, special shout-out goes to White Tinder for producing this site’s content and putting together our web presence, ISH Interior Design who specialises in office renovation in Singapore for making Sylvia Skin Atelier a reality, and Shermeen Tan and her team for brand and design identity.

You guys rock!

Pre-Launch Promotion

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Specially for our pre-launch period for the month of May/June 2013, we’re pleased to offer special rates for our eyebrow shaping and eyelash perming services!


So, if you happen to be around the vicinity of I12 Katong, be sure to drop by and take advantage of this special pre-launch promotion today. For a limited time only!