"I find the fat freeze treatment very effective and I have received positive feedback from my wife that my tummy is now firmer. I am very satisfied with the overall process and will definitely recommend it to others. Thank you for the wonderful experience."


"After doing Fat Freeze, the fat % in my body drops gradually. Together with oil & cream, I can see the stubborn area slowly become more toned :)"


"It really works, you feel it from the second session onward. On the 4th session my tummy has shrunk. The staff are friendly and are thorough in their explanation."


"Extremely friendly clinic with very accommodating service. Very reasonably priced treatment that is very effective. Already have seen the results after one visit."


"I decided to try the bust treatment after hearing from Hazel that many customers experienced good results. I personally felt it myself and really felt satisfied with the results. Hazel also taught me how to massage my bust when I am at home and which products to use too."


"Face has improved since I have been here for the last 6 months (did 6x facial treatment). Eyan is attentive and quick to solve the problems."


"Hazel applied correct method of facial for me and achieved the results I wanted. She also taught me how to maintain my skin when I am at home. hazel also recommended me appropriate products to use for my skin care regime. I am overall very happy. Looking forward to more facials."


"Wonderfully relaxing! My face feels so smooth after each session. Both therapists (Eyan & Jojo) are extremely skillful."


"I trusted my beautician who recommended me the cellular water and didn't expect it to work that good and that fast. This water literally soothed and calmed a few irritations that I had on my face, keeping my hydrated and it repaired the dry patches that were on my cheeks after just a few spray (used in combination with an appropriate skin care routine of course), but adding this really made a difference in the results! I now use it on my face, neck, as well as body...let's put it this way: if I could marry that stuff, I would!"


"I have acne prone face, which clogged easily. Tried their facial, the beautician Eyan is very good and meticulous when doing my face. My skin is more calm & less clogged than before :)"


"After I slimmed down, I'm depressed that my bust size dropped :( Tried the trial and experienced very good results just after 1 treatment. My bust is fuller & more "shaped" :) Thumbs up! Will continue to use the bust cream religiously to maintain, together with the frequent treatment."


"The facial extraction I experienced was painless and my face felt very clean afterwards. Many other places have already switched to machinery, unlike this kind of traditional extraction. Coupled with a very cosy and relaxing environment, this place is a must-go!"